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Scholarships are the best way to pay for college. However, scholarships are very competitive and hard to secure. That’s where we come in. Scholarship Miners apply to scholarship opportunities on your child’s behalf which increases their chances of receiving money to help pay for college. The required 250-word essay prompts are listed below.

How Will This Scholarship Help You?

What Do You Want To Study/Pursue?

Tell Us About Yourself

Tell Us About A Time You Failed & Learned From It

What Are Your Academic And/Or Career Goals?

How Have You Contributed To Your Community?

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You only pay us 30% of the scholarship’s value when it’s secured for you, so there is no risk at all

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    Our “Fine Print” Has Nothing To Hide

    Service Ends Automatically When Student Is 21yrs Old

    Billed 30% of Scholarship’s Value After It Has Been Secured

    Not Guaranteed To Be The Only Applicant For A Scholarship

    Not Liable For Parent or Student Misrepresentation

    Your Information Won’t Be Sold To Outside Companies


    More Certifications

    Concentrate more on getting your student certified in areas that will improve their application.


    More Awards

    Awards & competition show perseverance and improve students’ applications.


    More Achievements

    Your student having many achievements significantly boosts their chances of being accepted.


    Modern States

    Free courses. Take tuition-free, high-quality courses online from top institutions for college credit.

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    The Scholarship System

    The Scholarship System teaches ANY STUDENT the step-by-step process to secure college funding.

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    Plan On College

    We will help simplify the college process for you in addition to supporting your journey towards a successful career path.

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    SAT Prep Resources

    You can take advantage of these free SAT prep courses to achieve the highest test scores possible.

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    Complete the FAFSA®

    Use the Free Application for Federal Student Aid form to apply for financial aid for college.

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